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The State of Indiana has 92 counties, each served by the Clerk of the Circuit Court who, as an officer of the court, manages court information and is the court's financial officer.


2015 State called Annual Clerk's Conference:

Memorandum from Paul D. Joyce, CPA, State Examiner

Date: Tuesday, June 30 thru July 2, 2015
Location: Westin, Downtown Indianapolis, 50 S Capitol, Indianapolis

NOTICE: Clerks, please register by May 22 for reduced registration fees.

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Annual Conference Agenda



From Terri J. Rethlake
St. Joseph County Clerk

Dated January 2015

Greetings Fellow Clerks!

It is a tremendous honor for me to represent you as the president of the Clerk's Association. My goal is to make this Association a credible, viable, and respected one in the eyes of the State Legislature, Supreme Court, and most importantly the Citizens of the State of Indiana. A daunting taskā€¦and I need the help of veteran and new Clerks in accomplishing this goal.

We face some challenges this year. The most important of these is...

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Each county is served by the Clerk of the Circuit Court. While some jurisdictions have one Circuit Court, most counties have multiple courts.

The Clerk is an elected official who performs as an officer of the court, the manager of court information, and the chief financial officer for all revenues collected on behalf of the court.

In Indiana, the Clerk is also the official who oversees and conducts all elections, as a member of the Election Board. The Clerk is responsible to administer and certify results for all federal, state, county, township, municipal, special, and school board elections.

Clerks who serve as members of the Legislative Committee for the Association of the Clerks of Circuit Courts of Indiana actively participate in the legislative process by drafting, promoting and testifying for bills which assist in improving the justice system in Indiana.

Professional membership opportunities for Clerks may include participation in the Association of Clerks of Circuit Courts of Indiana, the Association of Indiana Counties (AIC), the National Association of Court Management, (NACM), the International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers (IACREOT), and the National Association of County Officials (NACO).

Members of the Association of the Clerks of Circuit Courts of Indiana are appointed to serve on the Indiana Voting Systems Advisory Committee, the Indiana State Supreme Court Records Management Committee, and the Commission on Courts; they also serve on the local Commission on Public Records.



fall meeting site

Northern District Clerks' Association Fall 2015 Meeting
will be held Sept 10 at the Best Western Plus La Porte Hotel & Conference Center in La Porte, IN

Fall Meeting site

Southern District Clerk's Association Fall 2015 Meeting
will be held Aug 31 - Sep 1 in Bloomington, IN.


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